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Squeeze Play (Richmond Rogues, #1)  by  Kate Angell

Squeeze Play (Richmond Rogues, #1) by Kate Angell
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After finishing Sliding Home a couple of days ago and loving it, I decided to start from the beginning and read this series in order. I was a little sceptical about how well the first book of the series would pan out, because sometimes it takes an author a couple of books to hit their stride with a series. But not so with Kate Angell--I think she hit a home run with this one right out of the batters box!

I just loved everything (okay, maybe 99%) about this one! Her style is so easy, breezy, and filled with humor and colorful characters so realistically written that youll fall in love with them, and I had a very hard time finding a good place to put this one down. Now you dont have to be a sports fan to enjoy this one (although if you are a baseball fan youll enjoy it even more), just a fan of sexy, hot contemporaries.Squeeze Play tells the story of Richard Risk Kincaid, star center fielder of the (fictional) MLB Richmond Rogues.

Risk has just finished the season in a big way, by getting the game winning hit to win the World Series for the Rogues. And to celebrate, instead of going to Disneyworld, hes heading to his hometown of Frostproof, Florida to appear in a charity event. With him is his brainy teammate (nicknamed Einstein), shortstop Zen Driscoll.

While in town, Risk is planning on reconnecting with his longtime rebound lover, Jacy Grayson.Jacy and Risk have known each other all their lives, and have been friends since highschool, ever since he comforted her when she was dumped by her boyfriend (for drawing too much attention to herself) on the eve of the prom.

Jacys a free-spirit, the kind of girl who loves color and sparkle, wearing colorful, offbeat clothing and multicolor hair (think Cyndi Lauper). Risk doesnt mind Jacys fashion wackiness, even if he does prefer her natural state of blond hair and big blue eyes. So they go to the prom together, Jacy surrenders her virginity to him on prom night in the backseat of his car, and they spend a wonderful, happy summer together.

But by summers end Risk, bound for college and a future in the major leagues, makes the only promise he can give: he promises to be Jacys rebound lover--anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Just call, and hell come. And this goes on for 12 years! Anytime Jacy suffers another bad breakup, Risk is there for her, physically and emotionally. And Risk is on his way again, because Jacy has suffered another breakup.Now, Ill admit, at first I thought what kind of an arrangement is this? This cant be healthy, and why is Jacy using Risk this way, and why is he agreeing to it?

Why is he content to be her booty call only? Ahh, but then the author lets you in on a little secret about Jacy, and shows you that Risk has much deeper feelings for Jacy beyond the physical, and finally after 12 years he decides to do something about it! My only problem with this was...what took them so long?Well, in case you think this messes up the story, it doesnt (except every now and then I thought 12 years without expressing your true feelings? Kate Angell delivers a sweet, sexy, and often poignant story, and shows what Jacy and Risk really mean to each other.

Along the way theres a secondary romance that develops between Jacys chubby best friend, baseball trivia expert Stevie, and Risks teammate Zen. This romance almost overshadowed and upstaged the one between Risk and Jacy. I mean, I knew where Risk and Jacy were heading (eventually), but I wasnt quite certain what would develop between Stevie (who suffers a humiliating and emotional letdown in this book) and there-for-you-guy Zen.

I loved their story--it was very sweet, and hot--until Zen momentarily lost his head, had one of those big misunderstanding moments, and nearly blew it with Stevie. But this being romance, you come to expect some sort of conflict--everything cant be all good times and hot sex, right?I also loved meeting Risks younger teammates who were in town also for the charity event--nicknamed Psycho, Romeo, and Chaser--collectively known as the Bat Pack due to their skills as power hitters.

They were funny, incorrigible, and often reminded me of a bunch of young puppies gone wild! I loved how they often got between Jacy and Risks relationship, insinuating themselves in their (sometimes private) business and driving the older, more mature Risk crazy with their antics. I loved how Romeo executed a squeeze play to finally push Risk to admit his true feelings for Jacy.

Well-done, Romeo! Cant wait to read about his and hs fellow Bat Packers come-uppance in Curveball.I can go on and on about this one, but I dont want to give away any spoilers. There was only a minor annoyance for me in the book, and that was the relationship between Jacys baseball playing cousin, and his bitchy woman fiancee who liked having public sex. I think the woman was psycho, but near the end of the book she suddenly had an about face change in attitude that didnt quite ring true.

But since she was a minor character, it didnt affect my enjoyment of the book.Now the love scenes? Hot and heavy, but nothing too explicit or erotic. Some were very playful, some very passionate, and some very romantic. Safe to say you wont be disappointed--theres plenty of lovin going on in this book! And you get two HEAs--what more can you want?I cant recommend this series enough, especially for those who are dying for a steamy, and often funny sports romance.

I love how Kate Angell is able to give a detailed depiction of her characters, so much so that you feel like youve known them all your life. Ive fallen in love with all of them! Her writing is so smooth and quick paced, youll be half way through the book before you know what happened, and anxious to pick up the next book. I still have Curveball and Strike Zone to go, and then the short story in the anthology Santa, Honey.

I hope to never run out of stories about the Rogues--keep writing Kate! 5 stars

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