O Deus Pródigo Timothy Keller

ISBN: 9788578601010

Published: 2010


176 pages


O Deus Pródigo  by  Timothy Keller

O Deus Pródigo by Timothy Keller
2010 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 176 pages | ISBN: 9788578601010 | 10.22 Mb

If you think something is wrong with todays Christianity, and you cant exactly put your finger upon the specific problem, then this may very well be a book that provides profound insight. If I had more time I would try to draw out the distinctions between authentic Christianity and its impostors, but let me share a single quote to give you the flavor of this book:The gospel of Jesus is not religion or irreleigion, morality or immorality, moralism or relativism, conservatism or liberalism.

Nor is it something halfway along a spectrum between two poles - it is something else altogether.The gist of the book is that the elder son in the parable, the one who faithfully followed the fathers directions was just as selfish, sinful and self-centered as the spendthrift younger son who demanded his inheritance early and squandered it in licentious living.

There is not only one lost son in this parable, but two. Each son rebelled, one by being very bad, the other by being very good. You can be alienated from God either by breaking his rules or keeping all of them diligently. It is a shocking message, but timely.

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